It’s All Good

There are still so many boxes to unpack everywhere and so many things to organize, throw away, give away, and there’s a baby screaming somewhere, and another one who’s wafting poopy smells this way as he runs by, and a big pile of muddy laundry from when the kids played in the dirt, but I don’t feel overwhelmed for some reason.

I think it’s because I’m so happy and thankful to be here with Ben and our children and so in love with this house and with this place.

This old house was built for families, not for parents who work and put their kids in school and are only use the house to watch TV and sleep.

It’s small (by American standards; huge by Japanese, lol) but so functional.

I washed dishes this morning by hand and emptied the junk out of the sink into the trash can because there’s no disposal. It’s like all the kitchens I grew up with. It’s so familiar and comforting.

Everywhere I look, inside the house and outside, everything is beautiful. The air is soft and smells like flowers. There are so many trees and greenery everywhere.

For the first time since I moved to America, I feel like I belong where I am right now.

I love Seattle. Thank you for bringing us here, honey.

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