A Few of Our Favourite Books

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I Believe: The Nicene Creed
We’ve been reading this to the kids since Rinah was a baby. It is beautifully illustrated by Pauline Baynes, the artist who illustrated C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. There is a lot of animal symbolism and detailed drawings that we spend time discussing and the children pore over by themselves for hours.

We end up spending quite a bit of time on each page. The pictures on this page, for example, lead to discussions about the Annunciation, the angel Gabriel, Mary’s unassisted childbirth in a barn (no midwife! no doctor! and baby Jesus and his mother were fine!), the shepherds who visited, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, the star of Bethlehem (and Nazis), the peacock which is a symbol of immortality (which leads to talks about life, death, and eternity).

Questionable Creatures: A Bestiary
This book is illustrated by Pauline Baynes as well and is so much fun to read with the kids especially in conjunction with the book above. It’s as informative and fun for adults as it is for children. Some of the animals are imaginary and some are real.

Bestiary: An Illuminated Alphabet of Medieval Beasts
This book is beautifully illustrated by a guy who is a graphics designer for medieval-themed computer games. I don’t have any pictures of this book because it’s still in a box somewhere. But it’s really beautiful.

Another alphabet book by the same guy above except with a medieval theme instead of animals.

Saint George and the Dragon
All the kids love the classic story of the knight who kills the dragon, saves the kingdom, and marries the princess. Rinah always ends our reading of it with the comment, “And they have lots and lots of babies.” We spend a lot of time talking about how the story of George and the dragon is the story of Jesus and Satan. There is a death and resurrection scene in the book, too. Again, the illustrations are beautiful and intricate.

The Spider and the Fly
This is almost like the book of Proverbs crossed over with an old black and white horror movie. It’s really fun and the kids love it. Every time we read it, we had discussions about honesty and truth, lies and deception, and how to tell the difference.


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