Thousands of Moneys!

After much deliberation, my daughter spent the $2 she got from the tooth fairy to buy 12 plastic gold and silver coins.

“Mama! I used my money to buy MORE money. And I can use my new money to buy Christmas presents for my BIRTHDAY! I have thousands of moneys!”

She skipped and jumped and ran all the way home.

I’m not sure what I taught her today by letting her buy fake money with real money but she was so excited and happy that I decided today was not the time for a lesson about the difference between real and play money.

Also, because her birthday is right before Christmas and because from the day she was born she started receiving birthday/Christmas presents, she’s confused by the whole birthday/Christmas distinction. It doesn’t help that Christmas is Christ’s birthday.

(I’m careful to keep birthday and Christmas presents separate, by the way.)

My darling girl has so much to learn but she has plenty of time to learn all that. For now, I’m just glad she is so happy.

And I’m glad she’s so generous that she shared her new-found wealth with all her brothers as soon as she walked in the door. She already knows the most important thing there is to know about money: it is meant to be shared with joy.

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