Positive Parenting Books & Resources: The Basics

Here are a few sites and books that have helped me on my journey towards non-violent parenting.

The first five books below are written by Christians from varying perspectives but all of them explain ways of relating to children, teaching and training them in the way they should go, without hitting them. I do not agree with every single detail in every book but they are a great place to start reading about parenting.

I so wish I had read these books before my children were born.

  • Heartfelt Discipline
    Clay Clarkson is a father of four who believed in spanking for most of his time as a parent. Along the way, he learned about the heart of parenting which he talks about in his book. He also has a very detailed explanation of why the Bible does not teach spanking. For those who are interested, he goes into the Hebrew and explains it pretty thoroughly.

Some online resources, great for reference for specific problems.

Let me know if you have any questions, want more resources, or seek to join an online Christian peaceful parenting community!

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