Several decades ago, I was born near Chicago. Then for about quarter century, I lived in Tokyo where my missionary parents home schooled me and my brothers. I grew up and worked as an English teacher (ESL) and Japanese-English interpreter for 11 years. I got married and moved to the dead, dry deserts of eastern Washington where I was blessed with 4 babies one right after another.

Then God delivered our family from death to new life in a garden city, Seattle, where we are all loving living every day. Most days go by in a blur of trying to keep the children alive, fed, and clean. I have very little time to read and when I do find myself with time I am usually too tired. Someday, someday, though, I would love to study again … linguistics or sociolinguistics or architecture or midwifery.

I’m fluent in English and Japanese, speak a little Chinese, and have studied Hebrew, Greek, Latin and a little bit of German and French.

This blog has evolved. Its various names have included Eh43, Dead Frog Blog, Canticlysm, Double Dead Frog, and in case you’re wondering, here’s the dead frog story.